Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin NetanyahuMarc Israel Sellem/POOL

On Wednesday, the government unanimously approved Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's proposal to reject a United Nations General Assembly resolution to upgrade the status of the Palestinian Authority, stating that, "We are rejecting the UN decision to upgrade the status of the Palestinian Authority and give it additional powers that are usually reserved for UN member states."

In addition, the government stated that, "The said decision does not change the status of the disputed areas, it does not confer any right and it does not detract from any right of the State of Israel and the Jewish people in the Land of Israel."

It was also decided to, "Determine that the aforementioned decision will not form a basis for future negotiations and has no purpose in promoting a peaceful solution."

Netanyahu announced: "Today the government opposed the UN decision from last week to promote recognition of a Palestinian state. We will not give any reward for the terrible massacre of October 7, which 80% of Palestinians, both in Judea and Samaria and in Gaza, support. We will not allow them to establish a terrorist state from which they can attack us even more fiercely."

He added: "No one will prevent us, Israel, from exercising our basic right to defend ourselves - not the UN General Assembly and not any other entity. We will stand together, with our heads held high to protect our country."