QalqilyaYossi Zamir, Flash 90

Communities close to the "seam line" of Israel’s security fence, near Tulkarm and Qalqilya, fear a repeat of the October 7th attack, because of a significant reduction in the first response teams, Israel Hayom reports.

After the massacre on October 7th, the first response teams in the communities along the seam line were significantly increased. Reservists were recruited to every locality and the small first response teams turned into large clusters of dozens of reservists.

According to the report, the first response teams have now been reduced to only six soldiers, after it was decided to release most of the teams from reserve duty.

Head of the Lev Hasharon Regional Council, Eli Atun, warned that, "In the two communities adjacent to the seam line fence, Nitzanei Oz and Sha'ar Efraim, there are only six reserve duty soldiers left. In Nitzanei Oz there was an original squad of 24 soldiers, and now there are only six. In Sha'ar Efraim there were 22, and now only six. The first response teams have been cut by three quarters. This is a significant reduction in the force and with only six people, it is impossible to guard the entire area and it is impossible to provide security to the communities."

"We have recently seen activity beyond the seam line fence. Terrorists are taking pictures to check our level of preparedness, as they did in Gaza before October 7th. Those who responded immediately on October 7 were the first response teams. If we are left with teams of only six people, given the possibility of a major attack, it is obvious that we will not be able to provide an appropriate solution," warned Atun.