soldiers in Gaza
soldiers in GazaIDF spokesperson

Three soldiers from the Paratrooper's Brigade were seriously wounded in battle in the northern Gaza Strip earlier today (Tuesday), it was cleared for publication.

In addition, a soldier from the Tsavar Battalion of the Givati Brigade was seriously wounded this morning (Tuesday) in a battle in the southern Gaza Strip.

The soldiers were evacuated to receive medical treatment at a hospital and their families were informed of their injuries.

Earlier, based on IDF and ISA intelligence, the IAF carried out a precise strike on a central Hamas war room commanders embedded inside an UNRWA school in the area of Nuseirat. The war room was used by terrorist operatives in Hamas' military wing. The strike was carried out using precise munitions in order to minimize harm to uninvolved civilians.

The Hamas war room had been used by the terrorist organization to plan multiple attacks against IDF troops in central Gaza in recent weeks. The Nukhba terrorists situated inside the war room took part in the October 7th Massacre and carried out ambushes and attacks on IDF troops in the Gaza Strip. In the IAF strike, approximately 15 operatives from terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip were eliminated, more than 10 of which were part of Hamas.