An IDF observation balloon was shot down in Lebanese territory by the Hezbollah terrorist organization, the IDF confirmed this afternoon (Tuesday).

Alarms were activated today in the communities in the Western Galilee and a number of anti-tank missiles were detected that were launched from Lebanon into Israeli territory.

One of the projectiles struck the observation balloon, shooting it down. Hezbollah claimed responsibility and stated that they attacked three targets related to the observation balloon.

The IDF stated that "as a result of the launches carried out to the Western Galilee, an IDF observation balloon was damaged and fell in Lebanese territory, there is no concern of an intelligence breach."

Due to concern over rockets being fired at the city, the residents who remain in Kiryat Shmona were asked to "immediately enter shelters and protected areas and stay there until further notice."

The IDF stated, "A short while ago, several launches were identified from Lebanon toward the areas of Arab al-Aramshe and Adamit in the western Galilee. The details of the incident are under review."

"Additionally, a short while ago, an IAF aircraft struck and eliminated a Hezbollah terrorist who was operating adjacent to a Hezbollah military structure in the area of Meiss El Jabal in southern Lebanon.

"Over the past few hours, IDF fighter jets struck Hezbollah terrorist infrastructure and military structures in the areas of al Kharayeb, Halta, and Yaroun in southern Lebanon."