Lag b'Omer bonfire
Lag b'Omer bonfireFlash 90

Minister of Religious Services Michael Malkieli and the ministry's director general Yehuda Avidan agreed last night with the Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich on the allocation of funds for Lag Ba'Omer events throughout the country.

These celebrations will be instead of the traditional annual celebration of Lag Ba'Omer in Meron, which will not take place due to the security situation.

In the coming days, a national tender is expected to be issued, within which religious councils across the country will have the opportunity to submit requests for funding Lag BaOmer events.

The Minister of Religious Services and the director general thanked the chairman of the Shas movement Aryeh Deri for initiating the project and the Minister of Finance for funding the bonfires and Lag Ba'Omer events across the country, thus allowing the continuation of the annual tradition.

The ministry has also organized, through the National Center for Holy Places, the traditional celebration taking place at the tomb of Shimon Hatzadik in Jerusalem, which will occur on Lag Ba'Omer with orchestral accompaniment and guest reception areas.

This year, thousands of city residents are expected to attend throughout the day of the celebration.