President Isaac Herzog published a special message to Jews around the world in honor of Israel's 76th Yom Haatzmaut.

“Shalom, dear brothers and sisters around the world. There is no question that this year, our Yom Ha’atzma’ut celebrations are different. Israel’s 76th year has been marked by enormous pain and loss. Not just for Israel, but for Jewish communities throughout the world. The murder, torture, rape, and abduction of hundreds of our people by Hamas. The clear and present threats to Israel. The grief over our soldiers - our best, brightest and bravest - who fell and were injured protecting and defending the country. The shocking scale of the reemergence of antisemitism in so many forms throughout the world. "

"All of these have shaken the earth beneath our feet. But, my brothers and sisters, this is only part of the truth. We must recognize that these times of real loss have also been a time of important achievements. They have reminded us why we rose up from tragedy and found the strength and determination to establish a beautiful and beloved national home - the miracle that is the State of Israel."

"They have reminded us, also, of our core qualities, of our power as a people to stand up, again and again, against hatred. To survive and speak our truth. Of our deep and sustaining caring for one another. Of our connection to the call that we have carried across the ages: To do good, to pursue peace, of Tikum Olam, repairing our fractured world."

"My friends, we have seen our people step forward this year for one another. To offer one another protection, support, empathy, care, and love. We have shown that we truly belong to one another. And that, no matter what happens, we can tap into deep resources of caring, connection, love, and belonging."

"May we continue to raise our voices and fight for what matters - for the immediate release of our hostages. For our safety, and our future in a thriving and secure Jewish and democratic State of Israel, and for a world of peace, harmony, and goodwill."

"See you soon in Israel, in Jerusalem, Happy Independence Day, and Am Yisrael Chai.”