Ronn Torossian
Ronn TorossianCorutesy

Universities have been overtaken by murder and rape supporters, many of whom are on the payroll of these schools. They openly endorse Hamas and the destruction of the State of Israel and teach that to American youth. American Jewss are overwhelmed by messages of antisemitism and hate and are scared.

New York City is simply a mess. Crime is high and Jews feel unsafe, despite Mayor Adams giving nice speeches about the hostages, the reality is in New York City it is unsafe for Jews. Jews are beaten in the streets regularly and there’s no punishment due to no-bail laws. Ask nearly any NY Jew and they will tell you they are afraid. Israelis shouldn’t visit.

Pro-Hamas, Anti-American protests dominate the streets, they shut down highways at will and Jews are terrified. NYC public schools are a mess with daily complaints about antisemitism, and even the hostage posters one used to see all over Manhattan are no longer visible.

This must be what Europe was like in 1939. A scary, quiet silence.

In New York State, at Syracuse University which has among the largest population of Jewish students at any private university in this country, since October 7th, despite thousands of calls, emails and letters, the Chancellor has simply refused to engage with the Jewish community.

Just this week, after complaints about a convicted murderer in the encampment who daily threatens Zionists, this man who stomped someone to death and beat them with a gun was briefly arrested. SU administrators knew of the presence of this murderer on campus. After national media coverage, and after another leader of the Hamas encampment had been removed for praising Hitler, the felon was arrested.

This is the reality at many American universities.

Senator Hawley called for the National Guard at Syracuse University, “Now we’ve got convicted killers on the loose in these encampments. Jail the lawbreakers. Expel the students. Deport the illegals. Send in the Guard.” No word on if Hawley will have his way, but what we can say is since October 7th is that the Syracuse administration has turned a blind eye to antisemitism.

We echo the calls of Congresswoman Stefanik who said that SU leadership’s “pandering to self-proclaimed terrorists is more important than Syracuse students,” and Senator Blackburn who expressed outrage at Syracuse University and simultaneously called on “defunding colleges that peddle antisemitism and glorify acts of terrorism.”

Two Senators, multiple Congress members speak up and one would think SU takes notice.

Even after these public calls for safety, the response of Syracuse University today is to allow an event honoring the Hamas martyrs on campus. Yes, an event honoring the martyrs who killed and raped Americans and Israelis and continue to hold five American hostages is the reality for Jews in the United States.

At SU we live to see an event celebrating murderers as martyrs. These people kill and hold American hostages, and American universities celebrate their actions.

Our youth have teachers openly bragging about distributing anti-Semitic material, to encouraging students to attend “Free Palestine” rallies, from threats and violence including an incident where a student was beaten by someone screaming “Heil Hitler” for which there have been no consequences. Syracuse University like many other schools has simply become unsafe for Jews.

The daily hostilities to which this sizeable community of students are subjected is against the law (Title VI) and is a burden these students should not have to shoulder. The time to investigate Syracuse U. is now.

We agree with Ambassador Erdan and Likud MK Danny Danon that Syracuse University must protect its Jews. Sadly, we have little faith they will do so.

The Chancellor's refusal to engage with the Jewish community is unacceptable. Indefensible nd reprehensible. We need outside intervention and hope the many raising their voices will bring us increased safety. As a fellow parent states, we hope to “have intervention before lives are lost.” Many among us are skeptical.

Ronn Torossian is an Israeli-entrepreneur author and PR executive. He is President of the Syracuse Jewish Parents Council, which represents more than 475 Zionist families affiliated with Syracuse University. They represent billions in revenue to the University.