Arutz Sheva met participants of the International Bible Contest as they visited the Mount Herzl military cemetery.

“It's really amazing," Yoni from Australia said. "Coming to Israel knowing that I'm going to be here representing my country and how even in Galut (the Diaspora) far away in Australia we still care about the values of the Tanakh, of yiddishkeit everything and all the more so in these difficult times for the Jewish People Israel is really an amazing thing.”

Sara from Panama added: “For me it's amazing because I really love the Tanakh (the Bible). It's incredible how much you can learn from it. I love it.”

“When I first came I was thinking to myself, ‘sure, we’re going to be touring, but it’s all going to be about studying, I've got to do well in the quiz," Noah from South Africa said, "but although that's true and the quiz is a big part of it, I've seen that I was really wrong. It's jampacked with fun activities and for me getting so physically close to all this history is really amazing.”

“It's not just about the contest," Yoni added. "It's also when we come here, we see Israel. Today we were at Yad Vashem, we were at Har Herzl and we see all the people that gave up their lives just for being Jewish and because they wanted to make the world better for other Jews. It's just a really amazing thing to see, tradition carried on from Tanakh, and “mesirut nefesh” [dedication and care] that Jews have for one another.”

“It's almost a way of fulfillment, I guess you could say," Noah stated. "It's learning through experience and through traveling. It's very different from academic learning and just reading the Tanakh, so both are very crucial.”

Sara emphasized: “Every step you take there's Tanakh all around.”

"I think it's especially important to connect to our Judaism and to appreciate our Holy Land in these days and in these hard times,” Noah said and Sara agreed: "For me it really means a lot, because although there's a war and it's very hard, people are moving on with their lives and they're like trying to keep up and everybody's having so much faith and belief [Emunah and Bitachon] and it's really amazing.”

Orit Avital, International Bible Contest staff, noted that these are difficult times for Israel. "Not just for Israel," she added, "it's all the Jewish people all over the world. It's a difficult time and they still came here, and we [send so much] thank to their parents who sent them here. They don't just read what what's written in the Bible, they see it, they feel it; the connection. They connect to this land, to the people.”