Reserve soldiers before entering Gaza
Reserve soldiers before entering GazaChaim Goldberg/Flash90

A survey conducted by the Direct Polls Institute for the Regavim movement, polled 512 reservists from all spectrums of Israeli society who served during the Swords of Iron War, to examine their opinions on various issues in Israeli society.

Following protests and heavy pressure from sectors in the Israeli society regarding negotiations with Hamas, the subjects were asked to express their opinions on a hostage deal at all costs and the possibility of entry to Rafah. Only 24% of respondents supported a deal at all costs. 72% responded that they oppose such a deal and support entry to Rafah.

When asked for their opinions on enabling the entry of humanitarian aid trucks into Gaza, the reservists presented a clear and sharp approach: only 9% support the initiative. 90% oppose it, while 33% of them are prepared to consider different terms, which would ensure that the aid will not reach Hamas at all.

The subjects were asked whether members of the IDF Forum represent the general outlay of IDF soldiers. Only 18% answered positively, compared to more than 3 times this number (58%), who answered that it does not represent them.

In response to the question "Do the members of the cabinet represent the human composition of the IDF soldiers," the findings are even clearer: 19% believe that they are representative, in comparison to almost 4 times this number (68%), who claim that the cabinet does not represent the soldiers at all.

Meir Deutsch, CEO of Regavim, commented on the results and said that, "On the eve of the Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of the Wars of Israel and Victims of Actions of Terrorism and marking 76 years of our independence, 218 days into the fighting, the time has come to hear the authentic voices of the reservists. Everyone who served in the reserves during the war, including all employees of Regavim, felt that the voices of the IDF soldiers in the field were different from what was shown in the media. In preparation for the day of memorial and day of independence in the State of Israel, the time has come to make the voices of those who chose to stop their lives, fight and risk their lives, heard, including those who were injured and lost friends, and those who are fighting the war for all of us."