Agam Berger
Agam BergerCourtesy of the family

The family of hostage Agam Berger is furious with Holon Municipality, which decided that the Yom Haatzmaut (Independence Day) celebrations in the city will be held almost as they always have been.

Agam's mother, Mirav, told Kan that "the city is steeped in trauma, and the mayor chooses to celebrate Yom Haatzmaut frivolously. It's a slap in the face from someone I expect to lead the change we so desperately need".

In the city, the Yom Haatzmaut celebrations will take place almost normally, with performances, artists, and several stages, one of the central stages even being set up under the house of the Berger family.

The mother corresponded recently with the mayor, Shay Keinan, who replied to her: "I disagree with you. There is great value, especially this year, in celebrating.

"I don't know of any city that canceled their celebrations. In all cities, there are local artists performing - why should we be different?"