IDF soldiers in Gaza
IDF soldiers in GazaIDF Spokesperson

It was cleared for publication on Sunday that Deputy Defense Establishment Comptroller Brig. Gen Yogev Bar-Sheshet was moderately wounded in the Gaza Strip on Friday.

He was struck by shrapnel in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza while accompanying the Nahal Brigade commander's forward command center.

Bar-Sheshet was evacuated to the hospital and his family was informed.

The senior officer requested special permission at the beginning of the war from the director of the Civil Administration to join the Nahal Brigade, whose commander, Col. Yehonantan Steinberg, was killed fighting terrorists. During the war, he assisted in numerous complex battles and maneuvers deep in the Gaza Strip.

In the past, he served as the commander of the Nahal Brigade's 50th Battalion and fought in it during Operation Protective Edge in the Beit Hanoun area. Before that, he served as the Deputy Commander of the Steel Formation (162nd Division), Commander of the Yoav Battalion in the Red Formation (80th Division), and the operations officer in the Southern Command.