The protest tent
The protest tentGvura Forum

For several consecutive days, families of fallen soldiers have been manning a protest tent near the Prime Minister’s office in Jerusalem, calling for the government to carry on the war to total victory.

The families believe that the government is considering alternatives to completely dismantling Hamas, such as various agreements with other nations or a prisoner exchange deal that would include ending the war. They are calling on the government to reject any such proposal outright.

As part of the protest, the families have undertaken to remind both the public and the government that Gaza is not the only place where Israel has lost soldiers recently, and that a decisive and lasting victory in the north will be needed to restore peace to Israel.

‘’Hundreds of families are still refugees in their own country, public events are being canceled, and Hezbollah drones have killed IDF soldiers repeatedly this week,’’ a representative of the protest stated. ‘’We need victory on all fronts.’’

The mother of Master Sergeant (res.) Maoz Fenigstein, who was killed in action in Jabaliyah, said, ‘’I urge everyone who can to come here and help us spread this message, that the government must finish what they started.’’