Eden Golan
Eden GolanCourtesy of KAN and the European Broadcasting Union

Twenty-five countries are competing in the finals of the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest.

First in line to perform was host country Sweden. Israel's Eden Golan, performing "Hurricane," performs fifth - though her voting code is 06, a nod to the booted Dutch performer Joost Klein, who was slated to perform as one of the first on Saturday night, but was then booted.

Despite pleas from Eurovision organizers that the audience refrain from booing contestants, a wave of boos - mixed with applause - arose from the audience as Eden took the stage.

At the start of the event, as the performers walked onto stage carrying their countries' flags, anti-Israel activists booed Golan and the Jewish state.

After finishing her stunning performance, Golan burst into tears as she exited the stage.

Golan's parents, Eddy and Olga Golan, told the "Erev Tov" program that their daughter asked them not to come to the Eurovision, due to the high number of antisemitic incidents in Malmo, Sweden, and the need for increased security for the Israeli delegation itself.

"Unfortunately, Eden asked that we not come. She told us, 'Mom and Dad, stay home, that way I will feel safer on stage, because it's dangerous there. I will be calmest knowing that you are at home,'" they recalled. "It was very hard for us to accept that, and we thought we would go, disguise ourselves, but in the end we decided to do what she wanted - we will sit at home and watch on television."