Corporal Shani Tahel Peretz, an officer in the surveillance and ambush unit of the Border Police, recounts how she and her colleagues fought on October 7th in several battle zones against Hamas terrorists who infiltrated Israeli territory.

Peretz and her colleagues were the only women in the fierce battle against the terrorist cells in the Re'im sector. They recently returned for the first time since October 7th to the battle site in Re'im, a place where they participated in a grueling battle they will never forget.

In a conversation with a spokesperson from the Israeli Police, Peretz said: "The call-up to the south caught us while we were securing the area for Simchat Torah. We drove south with our guns drawn and pointed out the windows.''

She reconstructs the battles: "The first target was Sderot, where we saw bodies lying on the floor. We understood the situation the state was in. From there we moved to Ein HaShlosha, and from there to fighting in the Re'im area."

Peretz adds: "When we arrived at Ein HaShlosha we saw a burnt house. We advanced to the house, knocked on the door, shouted that we were police, and evacuated the residents. That's how we moved from house to house in Ein HaShlosha and from there we proceeded to fight in the Re'im sector where we understood that an actual battle was taking place against the terrorists."

Lieutenant Colonel Guy Levi from the Traffic Division of the Israel Police spoke about the enforcement activity of the division against the phenomenon of drivers using a flashing blue light without permits, a phenomenon that has significantly intensified since the war broke out on October 7th.

"Drivers who drive with a flashing blue light without permits for it also commit other traffic violations so that we as the police would supposedly think they are authorized to drive with a flashing blue light. Those caught driving with a flashing blue light and without a permit have their vehicle taken off the road for 48 hours and they are summoned to a court hearing."