Protests in Tel Aviv
Protests in Tel AvivArie Leib Abrams/Flash 90

Families of hostages and other protesters demonstrated on Thursday evening outside the Kirya base in Tel Aviv calling for the immediate return of the hostages from Gaza.

The police prevented the demonstrators from holding a march at the scene, and clashes ensued. The protesters also knocked down fences and blocked the Kaplan junction. Angry drivers confronted the protesters and demanded that they leave.

At the same time, a demonstration was held outside the home of Shas chairman Aryeh Deri. Deri's wife came out and spoke to the protesters.

"Every day in the coming days we will stand outside a different Cabinet member's house," explained Alon Adar, grandson of Yaffa Adar, who was freed from captivity as part of a hostage release deal, and the cousin of hostage Tamir Adar, who was murdered on October 7 and whose body is held in Gaza. "We are here to strengthen Aryeh Deri and tell him that we trust him to return the hostages. The hostages need a strong Aryeh - we need you with us."

"The thought of the first Memorial Day as a bereaved family never leaves my mind," he added. "It's a day of remembrance on which we don't have a grave to visit. We ask you to follow the spirit of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who ruled in favor of redeeming prisoners. Now is the time to bring them home."