MK Zvi Sukkot
MK Zvi SukkotKnesset press release

MK Zvi Sukkot claimed this morning (Thursday) that channeling billions into the defense of homes in the cities of the north will only exacerbate the security problem.

'We will have to fight Hezbollah. this cannot end with a political agreement,'' he told radio Kol Chai.

''Putting several billions in home defense will only worsen the problem. Hezbollah's elite Radwan forces live in villages near the border. They cannot move away from there.''

He later defended the actions of Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich. ''War is an expensive event and it does not matter who the finance minister is. Smotrich is conducting very big wars with lobbyists of monopolies that nobody before him dared to do.''

Sukkot also addressed the possibility of initiating a northern front. ''There is a statement by the IDF that prefers one front, which is legitimate. But if it ends with a political agreement it means Hezbollah has defeated us and we must not allow this to happen.''

''Hezbollah is not Hamas, they have patience. If we allow them to strengthen, the next round will be much harder.''