The firecaused by the IED
The firecaused by the IEDCourtesy

Terrorists from the village of Burqah in the Binyamin region detonated a high-powered bomb last night in the grazing fields of the Tzur Harel homestead, just hundreds of meters from the living quarters.

In addition, the terrorists ignited a large number of fires near the hill that were extinguished by volunteers and military forces.

Initially, Arabs reported to the IDF that 'settlers are attacking the village', but IDF forces that hurried to the area quickly located the bomb that was detonated minutes before, as well as many fires in the grazing lands of the hill.

Later, footage from security cameras in the area was found documenting the intense explosion and the fireball created by the bomb.

Residents of the nearby homestead of Oz Zion reported that the explosion created by the bomb was so powerful that it shook the walls of their own living quarters: "We came to go to bed and suddenly there was a powerful explosion that really shook the walls," reported Yiska, a resident of Oz Zion. "The fact that it did not happen at our place but rather on the nearby hill and still the explosion was felt here really teaches about the power of the bomb, and requires the security system to address it severely."

This incident is an escalation in the series of attacks recently experienced by the homestead and came just hours after the visit of Dutch Foreign Minister Hanke Slot to the village, who heard from its residents for a long time about "settler violence in the area" damaging the village.

Both homesteads have suffered such incidents repeatedly over the past few months, including the assault of a shepherd by dozens of Arabs, the arson of cars belonging to residents of the homesteads in two different cases, and fireworks fired towards the homestead.