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Ronn Torossian is an American public relations executive, and president, Syracuse Jewish Parents Council. The Syracuse Jewish Parents Council is the umbrella parent and student organization representing 450 Zionist families involved with Syracuse University

Jews are not safe at Syracuse University. Our greatest nightmares as Jews are coming true. It is happening again.

On Saturday, on Holocaust Eve, a Jewish Syracuse U. student was beaten by a trespasser yelling “Heil Hitler” and no arrests were made. The day before, professors at the on-campus encampment distributed flyers saying, “Flood the Gates Escalate” and “We will not disavow any actions taken to escalate the struggle, including militant direct actions. We keep us (sic) safe by escalating.”

The Syracuse University Jewish community has pleaded for a meeting with Chancellor Kent Syverud and the Chief of Police since October 7th and has received no answer. Nothing. He hasn’t responded to thousands of letters, calls or emails. Nothing. Not to Rabbis, elected officials, students or anyone.

As the ADL noted when providing a grade C to Syracuse University, “a group of Syracuse students and parents submitted a report to the U.S. House of Representatives alleging the University is turning “a blind eye to antisemitism.” Since April’s report, Syracuse U has seen physical and verbal violence. Its dangerous to be there if you are Jewish.

Students are being threatened by people who walk the encampment fearlessly - not students, not professors – as professors, students and outside agitators have signs reading “Free Palestine”, and “From the River to The Sea.”

The encampments ignore October 7th. Its as if the mass murder, mutilation rape and torture of Jews and others never happened. The silence regarding the missing hostages is telling.

On Sunday, together with other parents and students - as the leader of the Syracuse Jewish Parents Council - which represents more than 450 Zionist families involved with Syracuse University, we demanded – rather than pleaded – for a meeting with the Chancellor and chief of police.

They refused.

And I, the grandson of Holocaust survivors, at my child's university, I was arrested for non-violent civil disobedience for refusing to leave the encampment. I am proud to have raised a voice of moral consciousness and stand against hatred and I urge others to do the same. Stand up and speak up much louder.

The 90 minute detainment came after I demanded the Chancellor and Chief of Police meet with the Jewish community. We continue to stand on that demand.

There was no physical contact of any sort, and I - who employ countless Syracuse graduates - was removed from the University while pro-Hamas, anti-American trespassers remain in illegal tents on a campus where one pays $80K for tuition.

I removed a sign which read “Free Palestine” as I asked a green and blue haired 40-something-year-old individual where I, an American-Israeli Jew should go when they “Free Palestine”, as Jews are murdered and killed in "Palestine." No response.

These are signs calling for violence against our people. This is not a peaceful protest. It is beyond unfortunate that Syracuse University has chosen to appease anti-Semitic, anti-America terror supporters.

At Syracuse in 2024, Jewish Zionists are unsafe.

Shame on Syracuse University. Am Israel Chai.