Protesters in Tel Aviv
Protesters in Tel AvivTomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Clashes broke out on Wednesday evening during a demonstration for the release of the hostages that was held in Tel Aviv. Family members of hostages claimed that the police used serious violence against them.

One of the police officers tried to detain the sister of hostage Matan Zangauker, Natalie, and several officers surrounded her. Her mother intervened and the police let go of her daughter.

The mother shouted at the police officers, "I thought you were guarding us. You allow yourselves to beat us, you strangled Matan's sister. I am done with the Israel Police."

The police forcefully prevented the protesters from crossing the barriers that were set up in the area in order to keep the intersection open. Other family members confronted the police.

The police said that two police officers were lightly injured in the clashes and two suspects were arrested.

Responding to allegations of police violence against the demonstrators, including relatives of the hostages, the Israel Police said, "Despite the dialogue with the organizers and the permission that was given [for the protest], a number of demonstrators gathered on Menachem Begin Road and ran towards Ayalon Highway in an attempt to disrupt the peace. The police stopped the demonstrators who confronted them, pushed fences and breached the barriers."