Yitav Lev Halevi OBM
Yitav Lev Halevi OBMPolice Spokesperson

The Israel Police and Border Police announced on Wednesday that Yitav Lev Halevi, a Yamam officer and commander who was critically wounded in an operation near Tulkarem succumbed to his wounds.

Yitav Lev was taken in critical condition to the hospital where doctors fought for his life.

The officer was wounded during a joint Yamam and IDF operation in the town of Dir al-Rusun where terrorists were holed up one of the houses.

Five terrorists who were involved in the murder of Elhahan Klein last November were killed in the shootout, and one of them turned himself in.

The shootout lasted nearly 13 hours and included the activation of the "pressure cooker protocol" with two attacks by a UAV on a structure, the firing of matador missiles, and firing on the home, including assistance from engineering bulldozers.

The terrorists hid in a "boydem," a storage area created by constructing a lowered ceiling to provide "invisible" storage space, and managed the fighting from there while using a number of walls as protection. The officer who suffered critical injuries was injured in the last stage of the fighting, when he searched inside the home and was shot point-blank, during the later hours of the morning.