Policemen in Brazil
Policemen in BraziliStock

24-year-old Alma Buhadana from Kibbutz Yassur has been named as the Israeli who was killed during a trip to Brazil, after fleeing a suspected robbery and falling from a great height.

The Brazilian police updated on Wednesday night that Buhadana and another man were walking on Almirente Alexandrino Boulevard at around 19:00, when they saw a motorcyclist and believed that he was trying to rob them. Buhadana got scared and apparently tried to escape, when she jumped off a wall and fell from a great height.

According to reports in the local media, the man who was traveling with her has already been questioned three times by the police, and has given conflicting versions of the circumstances of the incident.

On the first time he claimed that a man on a motorcycle was coming towards them. The second time he was questioned, he claimed that someone drove towards them in a red car.

An eyewitness told the local media: "I didn't see how she fell, but when I got there she was already unconscious on the ground. I tried to save her life, but I didn’t manage."

An employee at the hostel where Buhadana was staying said: "She was a loving person, just smiled, sang and talked a lot. She even painted a picture on one of the walls in our hostel."

A friend who met her on the trip said: "Everyone at the hostel loved her. We are devastated and in shock, but we are trying to keep smiling. We are grateful that she brought her light here and will be leaving it here for ever more."