On Tuesday evening, as critical discussions take place regarding the feasibility of a possible ceasefire-prisoner swap deal, a ceremony of solidarity was held in New York.

The event was attended by leading American opinion leaders, Hamas captivity survivor Moran Stela Yanai, and Or Gat, the brother of Carmel Gat, who has been held hostage for over 210 days.

All the speakers unanimously called for the release of all the hostages.

Following the ceremony, a display of 500 drones lit up the sky above the Statue of Liberty, sending a clear message that after seven months, the living hostages must be set free, and the murdered must be brought to their eternal resting places.

Hamas captivity survivor Moran Stela Yanai, who was released after 54 days in Hamas captivity, said, "We cannot accept the possibility of being kidnapped from a music festival and being held captive. We cannot let it end like this.If not everyone returns, everyone in the world should fear going to a festivals. No one is safe. I met some of the people who are still there. I promised them, I promised that I would do everything in my power to bring them back. Promised."

"But instead I keep getting horrific news regarding my friends left behind. Some are getting abused on daily basis. Some are getting beaten on daily basis. I ask you to think about girls are being raped as we speak, every day. They are being abused physically and mentally."

Julia Hart added, "The Jewish people have been murdered, thrown in ovens, burnt at the stake, thrown out of countries...and we are still here. Whether the world stands with us or against us, we will never stop fighting for truth and justice, and for the return of the hostages. I know that our strength and our unity will defeat hate."

Montana Tucker stressed, "This is not just an Israeli issue; it's an American one as well."

"So, let this be our united call: Bring them home. Not tomorrow, not next year, but now. Time is running out."

Michael Rapaport said, "Its offensive that we are here and doing this again, after seven months... the suffering and madness that the families of the hostages are dealing with - I am here for that, I am here to fight for them i'm here to push, I'm here for the IDF soldiers - the most important thing is to bring the hostages home - now!"

Or Gat, brother of hostage Carmel Gat, noted, "At this very moment, the right for freedom isn't obvious. The right to life - isn't obvious - in Israel nor lately on US soil. While individuals are in constant threat in captivity, we can't start healing and moving forward without them. That they can not stay in, if not doing so. We come here in order to initiate an action."

"We expect and demand the responsibility for Carmel and 131 others will be taken by all parties and sides immediately. We want and should start to mourn and separate from the so precious worlds that murdered. We want and should rebuild our life and take care of the living hearts that are broken."

The drone show in New York Hostages Families Headquarters
The drone show in New York Hostages Families Headquarters
The drone show in New York Hostages Families Headquarters