Police in riot gear on Tuesday cleared an anti-Israel encampment at the University of Chicago, Fox News reported.

Protesters locked arms and stood opposed to officers who the university called to disperse the encampment on campus that has been set up for more than a week. Police gave a final notice to students participating in the protest that they must leave or be arrested for criminal trespass, according to video on social media.

"Additionally, failure to immediately leave will result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Manual. You will be immediately placed on emergency interim leave of absence from the University," the notice stated.

Campus police surrounded the quad overnight and began removing tents, announcing over loudspeakers that anyone who remains in the encampment will be arrested, according to Fox News.

In a message on Tuesday, University of Chicago President Paul Alivisatos said the university intervened to end the encampment due to safety concerns and increasing risks that made the status quo unacceptable.

Campuses across the US have seen an increase in anti-Israel protests in recent weeks, some of which have at times turned violent.

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Police Department removed a pro-Palestinian Arab encampment at the University of Southern California, pushing several dozen people out of the campus gates.

A day earlier, a group of pro-Palestinian Arab protesters at the University of Michigan briefly interrupted the spring commencement ceremony.

Last Thursday, LAPD and California Highway Patrol cleared an anti-Israel protest encampment on the UCLA campus, arresting 132 people.

Previously, 17 protesters were arrested at the University of Texas at Dallas after law enforcement dismantled an encampment that pro-Palestinian Arab students set up in the early morning hours.