IAF strikes launcher used to fire at IsraelIDF Spokesperson's Unit

IAF aircraft on Tuesday evening struck a rocket launcher that was used to fire projectiles toward Israel.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement that approximately 12 projectiles were also identified crossing from the area of Rafah in southern Gaza into the area of Re'im earlier on Tuesday.

The IDF Aerial Defense Array successfully intercepted five of the projectiles and the rest fell in an open area. No injuries were reported.

In addition, the IDF said, following the sirens that sounded earlier on Tuesday in the area of Kerem Shalom, six projectiles that were fired from the Rafah area in the southern Gaza Strip were identified.

“The projectiles that were fired toward the area of the Kerem Shalom Crossing are preventing the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. The IDF will continue to operate to enable the necessary security conditions to re-open the Kerem Shalom Crossing,” it said.

Launches fired toward Kerem Shalom
Launches fired toward Kerem ShalomIDF Spokesperson's Unit