In a video circulating on social media, Ammiel Hirsch, a reform rabbi from Manhattan, is seen speaking to his congregants about the anti-Jewish protests that are rampant in many places around the world.

“We will address the uncomfortable reality that some of those anti-Israel protesters are Jewish. Hundreds of Reform rabbis, cantors, educators, administrators and lay leaders of our synagogues will begin to grapple with our own inadequacies.”

He asked, “Why are so many of those young Jewish protestors graduates and alumni of Reform synagogues, Reform youth groups, Reform summer camps.”

"What did we do wrong? And most importantly, what should we be doing now, to instill in our youngsters the core Jewish value, without which nothing Jewish makes sense – Ahavat Yisrael? Love. Concern. And responsibility for fellow Jews.

Following the statements by Rabbi Hirsch, Jewish New York Lay Leader Daniel Benedict commented: "Since October 7 we are experiencing a strong interest by unaffiliated Jews, in the face of a resurgent antisemitism, to reconnect with their brothers, with their culture, with their extended Jewish families and have a renewed interest in Judaism. I hope that the reform movement will rise to the task and reconnect the young generation to their roots."