Vladimir Putin
Vladimir PutinReuters

Vladimir Putin was sworn in on Tuesday for a fifth term as President of Russia.

The swearing-in is taking place two months after he won the elections with 88.48 percent of the votes, according to the country's election commission.

Putin was elected after diverse evidence of vote rigging, and also after prominent candidates who were standing against him were disqualified from running.

At the end of the upcoming term, Putin is expected to break the record of former Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin, who led the country for 31 years.

Over the years Putin himself has served alternately as president and prime minister, due to the country's constitution, which he changed ahead of today's elections, in order to allow himself to run again.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called on Western countries not to recognize the victory of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine claimed that, "Ukraine does not see a legal basis to recognize him (Putin) as the elected and legitimate president of the Russian Federation."