Columbia University Professor Shai Davidai
Columbia University Professor Shai DavidaiReuters/Katie Smith/Sipa USA

Prof. Shai Davidai, a lecturer at Columbia University, which recently suffered from violent anti-Israel protests, published an open letter to Israeli academics expressing his concern for their imminent harm.

"To all my friends who research and lecture in Israel, it's hard for me to say this, but it's important that you know. You will be the first to be harmed," Davidai

He mentioned that "The processes are already in motion and although you don't feel it yet, it's coming. And when it arrives, it will be too late to act".

"It will start almost without you noticing. Articles that won't be accepted for publication and lectures that won't be accepted at conferences. Professional organizations that will endorse boycotts. Seminar lectures that won't take place. Sabbatical years that will be harder to find. And research funds, of course," he added.

According to him, "Many of you are focused on internal issues in Israel. I totally understand that. If I were in Israel, perhaps I would be focusing on that too. But you need to understand something: almost no one here in the academia in the USA is fighting for you".

He called on Israeli academics to join the fight he is leading at the university where he teaches. "We are here, and we are fighting, but it's not enough. They are many and we are few. So we need you - from all the universities and colleges in Israel. It may seem distant, but what happens here on campuses will directly affect your lives. Not in ten years. Not in five years. But very soon".

"It's time to make noise. Later, when we want to make noise, it might not be possible anymore," concludes Davidai.