Russian missiles
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A threatening statement released by the Kremlin stated that "British military facilities may be targeted" by the Russian army. A similar threat was also directed at France.

The threats from Russia come after statements by French President Emmanuel Macron and British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, who expressed support for Ukraine's right to use British weapons in the war with Russia, and Macron did not rule out the possibility of deploying French troops to assist Ukraine in the war.

In addition, the Kremlin announced the start of military exercises involving the use of nuclear weapons, in response to the statements of Macron and David Cameron. British and French ambassadors in Russia were summoned for clarification at the Russian Foreign Ministry, where they were informed that Russia sees France and Britain as being "de facto" involved in the war.

"Nigel Casey was warned that in response to Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory with British weapons, all British facilities and military equipment in Ukraine and outside it may become a target. The ambassador was asked to reflect on the catastrophic inevitable consequences of such hostile steps from London, and to unequivocally refute the provocative and inflammatory statements of the British Foreign Office in the most decisive and unequivocal manner," stated in the Kremlin's announcement.

Meanwhile, the Russian government announced the start of exercises simulating the use of nuclear weapons, as a threatening message to the West. "The exercises are designed to unconditionally ensure the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Russian state," stated the Kremlin.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov emphasized that "Macron's latest statement and other expressions by British and U.S. officials prompted the nuclear exercises. This is a new round of escalation. It is unprecedented and requires special attention and special measures."