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French officials responded Tuesday to reports that Paris sent military forces to Ukraine to assist in the war against Russia.

"It is a campaign of disinformation intended to weaken Paris' support of Kyiv," said a statement from the French Foreign Ministry.

The reports were published among others on the Russian website Sputnik, close to the Kremlin, and on the Chinese site Asia Times.

The sites reported that so far about 100 French soldiers have arrived in Ukraine while a total of about 1,500 were stationed in the country, a report that, as mentioned, was denied by France.

Several months ago, a crisis occurred between France and Germany after the German Chancellor angered Paris and Ukraine by stating that he had no intention of approving the transfer of Taurus cruise missiles, due to the need to station German soldiers in Ukrainian territory, which according to Schultz is a "red line."

In response, French President Macron said that if necessary, he sees no reason not to send soldiers to assist Ukraine.