Yoav Gallant and Lloyd Austin
Yoav Gallant and Lloyd AustinMinistry of Defense

Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant spoke overnight (Sunday) with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Minister Gallant briefed the Secretary on the attack conducted by the Hamas terrorist organization, in which approximately 10 projectiles were fired from the area adjacent to the Rafah Crossing toward the area of the Kerem Shalom humanitarian crossing.

During their discussion, Minister Gallant discussed the efforts undertaken to achieve the release of hostages and indicated that at this stage, Hamas refuses the frameworks at hand. Minister Gallant emphasized that military action is required, including in the area of Rafah, due to the lack of an alternative.

"Hamas continues to conduct attacks on the State of Israel and its citizens, while also indicating a lack of seriousness in regard to the frameworks that were submitted for the release of hostages," the Defense Ministry stated.

"The State of Israel will not tolerate the ongoing presence of terrorist frameworks bordering its communities, and is committed to achieving the goals of the war - the destruction of Hamas as a military and governing authority, and the return of 132 hostages," it added.

Minister Gallant expressed his appreciation to Secretary Austin for his partnership and leadership and highlighted the important role of the United States as it relates to the hostage issue and the regional parties involved.