Heads of local authorities in the north
Heads of local authorities in the northCourtesy of the photgrapher

Creating a unified northern front: following the fatal damage to tourism and businesses in the north of the country, heads of authorities in the north are calling on the government to include them in the government grants budget to prevent their collapse.

"For seven months, the Israel has been in a state of war in the south and north of the country," Tzfat Mayor Yossi Kakun, head of the Hatzor local council, Michael Kabasa and head of Rosh Pinna local council, Moti Hatiel, opened their letter.

"We trust the Israeli government and the security forces who are doing their duty to protect the Israel, including the northern border. Even so, we demand the immediate intervention of the government to prevent the collapse of businesses in the northern communities which are far from the border.

"The local economy is based on tourism, an industry that has been almost all shut down due to the security situation in the area. The compensation criterion for businesses according to their proximity to the border (up to nine kilometers), is creating huge damage and may destroy many businesses in the area.

They claim that most of the businesses in these areas suffered severe financial damage. "The vast majority of the businesses in Tzfat, Hatzor and Rosh Pinna suffered a direct hit of an average of about 70% to their income, but even after many requests – the state is not compensating them. The economy in our region is under a double threat: missiles and UAVs on the one hand, and the lack of Immediate financial aid – on the other.

They signed their letter with the calling to not abandon them. "We call on the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Economy and the other members of the government: do not abandon the businesses in the combat zones that are not adjacent to the border. Present an immediate aid plan for businesses and do not allow the economic collapse of the northern communities."