PLO flag waved at BLM rally in Paris
PLO flag waved at BLM rally in ParisReuters

A new report published by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) shows that French Jews live in fear of antisemitism, with a majority having directly experienced antisemitism.

According to the 900-page report, 86% of French Jews feel that they live under the threat of antisemitic attacks, and 56% feel that the level of threat is significant. 44% reported that following the Hamas massacre of October 7, they refrain from wearing items that would identify them as Jewish in public, such as kippas and stars of David.

About 20% of French Jews have removed the mezuzahs from their doorposts so as not to draw the attention of antisemites. 25% have experienced an antisemitic attack since October 7.

The report also showed that there has been a significant increase in antisemitic sentiments among the Muslim population in France and that schools are a common site for antisemitic attacks.).