Minister Orit Strock
Minister Orit StrockArutz Sheva

Minister of Settlements and National Missions Orit Strock, in an interview on Sunday with Radio 104.5FM, discussed the impending hostage and ceasefire deal and criticized the American administration's conduct.

"I am very worried this morning, I think the things were said pretty much clearly that in fact, the US is committing, instead of us, to stop the war. It's saying most openly and clearly that the first step as far as it's concerned is ending the war."

She also noted: "The State of Israel is not another star on the American flag. (Israel) can and must stand up for itself."

In response the host, Gadi Nes, asked if she believes the US is not a friend of Israel. "The US doesn't do the minimum demanded by the status (of a friend), it doesn't deserve to be called a friend of the State of Israel."