IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi
IDF Chief of Staff Herzi HaleviIDF Spokesperson's Unit

IDF servicemen, soldiers, commanders, and civilian employees,

With the sound of the siren, the memory of the six million who were murdered in the ghettos and extermination camps, in the killing fields and the death marches, rises again. For a moment, we will bow our heads and connect with the memory of our people who were persecuted and murdered simply because they were Jews. Then we will raise our heads, proudly carrying on their sacred legacy, and continue to take action to ensure that the national home that they longed for, but did not attain, will stand forever.

This is our duty, this is our mission - this is our promise.

The State of Israel was established, among other things, thanks to the soldiers from across generations, who were willing to sacrifice their lives for it. These days, we are in a war where, at its onset, we failed in our mission and lost many - civilians, soldiers, civilian rapid response team members, and security and rescue personnel. Entire lives were cut short in their prime in a war that was also thrust upon us by a wicked enemy who rose up to destroy us. But this time, we are different. A transformation has occurred in the Jewish people. From a voiceless and defenseless people, rose up a people who take responsibility for their destiny, to fight, and promise - never again.

Never again will the Star of David be a mark of shame - instead, a symbol that proudly flies on the nation's flag.

Never again will we be a scattered, homeless and persecuted people in exile - instead, a strong and independent people united in its land and homeland.

Never again will we be a nation without a force to protect it - but instead, a nation whose ranks include heroes and heroines who stand tall and proud, fighting shoulder to shoulder as part of the Israel Defense Forces.

We fight in memory of the six million who could not fight the enemy that rose up to destroy them; for our people who looked in horror and helplessness through the barbed wire fences; for those who did not allow their fate to be sealed by the Nazi oppressor, who took up arms and fought for their lives and the lives of their people with all their might. That was a fight fought by the few who stood up against the many. We fight in the name of those who managed to survive the German inferno and mustered the rest of their strength to take part in establishing a state for the Jewish people.

While we fight our just war, let this memory be the source of our strength, and a reminder of the importance of maintaining a protective force for our people. We shoulder the responsibility to continue fighting for the freedom of the people of Israel and to ensure: Never Again!

May the memory of the six million be blessed.