Or Meir
Or Meirspokesperson

Approximately 150 Border Police officers, accompanied by Civil Administration supervisors and heavy trucks, descended Thursday evening on Givat Or Meir in the Binyamin Region.

The incident is the second time in 24 hours that the Civil Administration and Border Police are carrying out demolitions at Givat Or Meir, a community near Ofra.

Upon arrival at the scene, the forces carried out violent destruction of structures which had been rebuilt, and confiscated a large amount of equipment.

At the same time, the forces created great devastation at the site. They also beat residents and confiscated their cellular phones.

Thursday evening's devastation is unusual, both because it is the second incident within 24 hours, and because of the late hour. According to activists, it has been many years since demolitions have been carried out at such a late hour.

Elkana Nachmani, a resident of Or Meir, said, "I was guarding the hilltop, and I suddenly saw a swarm of Border Police officers moving towards the hill. They arrested the shepherd, who was shepherding two flocks at the foot of the hill, and they left the flocks to wander alone. Within a short time, they arrived at the hilltop and as if they were possessed, began breaking everything in their path."

"With longing eyes, I saw how the Border Police commander and the other officers took my personal clothes, bag, and many other possessions, and placed them on a cart which they had brought with them for the purpose of confiscating equipment. The commander took the furniture on the hill and broke every single table, every single chair, every single closet - they did not leave even a single piece of furniture here. It was all in his hands. The Arab workers who were brought to help with the destruction were masked, and they worked in cooperation together with the Border Police officers. They simply took apart everything here, took all of my personal items, and just began tearing, destroying. Ten minutes of destruction."

Nachmani added, "The boys at the hill could not stand and watch everything be destroyed, and when they tried to fight, they just took them and started beating the life out of them. A few boys here were hurt, and two of them had their glasses broken. This brutal destruction was simply revenge by [Central Command commander Yehuda] Fox, for the stubbornness that we showed here yesterday in the struggle against the destruction, and for the dozens of boys who blocked the tractors, even though they were stopped."

"It is unthinkable that the police, who accept the blocking of roads by leftist activists every week, and do not even arrest them, take violent and cruel revenge, in violation of the law, against a legitimate protest by right-wing activists who are fighting for the future of the settlements. Today, Fox proved once again that he is an extremist lefitst activist in uniform, who works to create a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria."