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Members of Congress who voted against the passage of the Antisemitism Awareness Act yesterday because they claim they stand in opposition to Christian Scriptures were slammed by Passages, a Christian organization dedicated to taking Christian students to Israel and mobilizing young people to support the Jewish State on campuses and communities across the nation and to stand up against antisemitism.

“It is exactly at this moment, as the Jewish People are under attack across our country that Christians are called to be firm allies,” said CEO of Passages Scott Phillips. “Unfortunately, there are some Members of Congress, who have a history of flirting with conspiracies against Jews who have tried to appropriate Christian Scriptures to defend their unjustifiable beliefs.”

“The Antisemitism Awareness Act is a vital tool in fighting Jew-hatred, and we applaud its passage and urge the Senate to pass the bill. This is important for the Jewish community, but it is also important for all those of good faith to show uncompromising solidarity with the Jewish people and the State of Israel.”

During the passage of the bill on Wednesday, two Republicans who voted against the measure on Wednesday claimed their opposition was because the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism contained in the bill’s text states that “claims of Jews killing Jesus” are “classic antisemitism.”

“The whole question of using these antisemitic tropes and blood libels against the Jewish People should have been consigned to history,” said Vice President of Communications of Passages Mattanah DeWitt, “That they live alive and well at the highest levels and among decision-makers should shock us all and amply demonstrates why we need this bill to pass.”

“There is a lot of education to do, and as an organization, we will be reaching out to our constituents and elected officials to express our utmost support for this bill and our condemnation of those who try and use their Christian identity to attack Jews. Jews are being attacked from all sides in an unprecedented manner, online, on university campuses, and on our streets, and we as Christians have to stand by their side and not join in the attacks.”

Passages, which has been called the 'Christian birthright,' was founded in 2016. The organization has brought over 10,000 American Christian students on a visit to Israel to explore their faith and learn about the history and modern complexities of the Land of Israel. In January, a delegation of Passages staff, donors and alumni visited Israel on a solidarity trip donating over $500,000 to southern communities that were the hardest hit during the October 7th attacks.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who once blamed wildfires on "Jewish space lasers," claimed on X following the vote that the accusation that the Jews killed Jesus is true and therefore should not have been included in the bill.

“Jesus was handed over to Herod to be crucified by the Jews,” Taylor Greene wrote. However, the Romans, who used crucifying as a form of capital punishment, are the ones who killed him, while crucification is against Jewish law.