Scales of Justice
Scales of JusticeFlash 90

“Justice, Justice shall you pursue, so that you may live and inherit the Land that the Lord your God Gave you.” (Deuteronomy 16:20).

Hamas’s October 7th attack against Israel was so brutal and devastating, that its shockwaves continue to rock us to this day. As with the aftershocks of a massive earthquake, the ground has not settled in Israel, our spirits are not at peace, and the blood of our victims cries out for justice.

Home on kibbutz Be'eri after massacre
Home on kibbutz Be'eri after massacreEdi Israel / Flash 90

Israelis have learned to cope with terror over the years and to continue to live and prosper despite it. The October 7th attack was different. Our enemies opened the gates of hell. They unleashed pure evil against us.

We can no longer shrug our shoulders in numbness or brush off the pain with ruggedness. This attack has penetrated the depths of our souls. It has questioned all that we stand for. It is not something we can limp away from on crutches. Without a proper response, we will not move on from this. We will not recover as a nation.

Forget what the Gentiles tell us

Each time Israel wants to do something right, the nations stand up against us, succeeding in muffling our response and suppressing the hand of justice. Without justice, we cannot win. Jewish blood becomes cheap again. The nations prefer us that way, as the hopeless victims. They would rather we not defend ourselves.

We have a duty to God, not to listen to them. Forget what the gentiles tell us, including US President Joe Biden. They do not speak in our interest. The world tells us not to harm evil, but negotiate with it. They insist that we feed the enemy and care for it. They demand that we cease fire after being viciously attacked. They advise us to free mass murderers.

I do not blame them. They are clearly not on our side. The blame is upon us for listening to their bad advice. It is our responsibility to do justice, not theirs. Not doing justice is a curse upon our heads.

Justice is Needed

After the atrocities committed against us, the people of Israel need justice. We need victory. We need to wipe out Hamas completely. Anyone associated with Hamas should be executed. Association with Hamas should be a capital offense. All of the captured Hamas prisoners should be lined up and shot by their victims. Their heads should be bashed in. Their evil terminated.

With our people still in hostile hands, we need to regain control of every inch of the Gaza Strip and overturn every stone, to free any remaining hostages by force. Such evil has emerged from the Gaza Strip, from a region of Israel. We have allowed Nazis to rise in the Holy Land, of all places; to commit a Holocaust under our watch. We must retake full control of our Land, and fast.

Israel is not the homeland of the Arabs. The best way to ensure that the Gaza Strip will never threaten the people of Israel again, is to settle Jews there. Make the Gaza Strip Jewish, as it was meant to be. Allowing a hostile population to remain there will ensure the return of evil organizations like Hamas.

Gush Katifbefore 2007 expulsion
Gush Katifbefore 2007 expulsiondeposit photos

We cannot let evil win. Justice requires that we defeat them. Transform the Gaza Strip into a paradise, a place for God’s children. Turn the seat of evil into a throne for God’s Dominion. Annex the Gaza Strip and make it Jewish. That is what Justice demands.

“Justice, Justice shall you pursue, so that you may live and inherit the Land that the Lord your God Gave you.” (Deuteronomy 16:20).