Against the background of American government threats of sanctions towards the Netzah Yehuda battalion, the CEO of the Netzah Yehuda Foundation, Yossi Levy, joined Arutz Sheva - Israel National News to emphasize that it is not a matter of government against the battalion but the American government against the State of Israel.

Levy further notes that the American threats are not directed only towards the battalion but towards two additional battalions as well. President Herzog personally approached US leaders, including the President and Vice President, to prevent the sanctions, as well as involving other parties. "To the best of my knowledge, we can forget about this whole thing," Levy stated.

Levy recounts that, just as the IDF spokesperson stated, the American intention to impose sanctions was not known to the IDF, and once it became known, the relevant parties learned the details and responded accordingly. "The security services were uninformed about the story, which speaks volumes about the whole process. An organization linked to the Muslim Brotherhood filed a petition about five units and various senior figures in the IDF and received a response from the American government that they would impose sanctions. They did not make contact with the IDF," he says.

Levy claims that there is no event that is not thoroughly investigated by the military authorities, and for years there have been no issues in the battalion’s conduct. The battalion has also secured many successful operations. He likewise insisted that the entire affair was an Islamic public relations ploy.

Levy noted the broad support for the unit that came from almost all sectors of the political spectrum and all sectors of Israeli society.

Regarding claims that there are some problematic aspects to the battalion, Levy says that the battalion has existed for 25 years and it represents the spearhead of integrating haredim into the IDF. Since the battalion was established, it has had 30 percent of the soldiers from the religious Zionist public and 70 percent from the haredi public. This has been the case since the battalion was established.

"The battalion has carried out countless successful operations. It spent 13 consecutive years in Judea and Samaria and seven consecutive years in the Binyamin region. It carries out more than 3000 operations, and out of the 2997 were successful. There were 3 unsuccessful ones that were handled by the army very seriously, including an incident with an elderly person. Every pinpointed event is investigated in the most ethical and value-oriented manner by the army. One of the army commanders who was in Gaza told me that it’s one of the best battalions he knows of today in the army."

Regarding the renewed controversy of integrating haredim into the IDF in light of the war, Levy says that after months of reserve service, he himself came to the battalion and claimed that there are not enough haredim in the IDF.

"It is clear to everyone that from a population of 13 million people, there is immense potential for recruiting haredim in the IDF. We need to double and triple their enlistment. The government of Israel needs to wake up in this matter, but on the other hand, the controversy needs to remind the Israeli public that has forgotten that we are entitled to the State of Israel by virtue of Jewish tradition and whoever forgets it does not remember that Judaism was preserved by Orthodox Judaism. There are two sides, and one is the side of Torah scholars who preserve the Jewish tradition throughout the generations that should be admired and recognized."

"Alongside that, we are at a difficult time for the people of Israel against a murderous and cruel enemy, and therefore it is necessary to recruit all those in academia and the job market. Every haredi not completely devoted to the Torah needs to be recruited. That number will suffice for this stage".

Levy believes that the change needs to come from all parts of Israeli society. "When they increase hatred towards the haredim, the sector distances itself. When they harm the world of yeshivas, recruitment is harmed as well. On the other hand, the haredi leadership needs to make a decision that the focus is on those who are not studying Torah."

"Hatred towards haredim that exists in Israeli society today needs to be removed. In addition, a system is required that will enable those not studying to enlist before they go too far astray. This will reach the target community and be the start of a true revolution."