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The 15-year-old boy who stabbed a Bishop at a church in Sydney, Australia also plotted to attack members of the Jewish community, prosecutors said Wednesday.

On April 15, the suspect stabbed Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and three other people at the Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Wakely.

Prosecutors revealed that the suspect posted about his intention to attack Jews in a chat group on the Signal platform.

"I want to do it to a bunch of Jews," he wrote on April 20, five days after the church attack. "I want to do it bad. Don't youse want to do an attack? What about Palestine? I want to attack Jews here."

His attorney claimed that the posts were merely an attempt to appear "macho" to his friends rather than an expression of real intent.

"This is a young person venting something wrong, deranged but that doesn't go to the strength of the prosecution's case," the attorney said. "It wouldn't be outside of the realm of possibility that a 15-year-old is trying to brag and be macho about something that he has no connection to."

"In terms of taking proactive steps, this was a young person venting unethically, it's deranged, but does not go to strength of prosecution case," he added.

Seven other teenagers linked to the suspect were arrested on April 24 on suspicion of plotting another attack. New South Wales Police Deputy Commissioner David Hudson said, “We will allege that these individuals adhered to a religiously motivated, violent extremist ideology."

“It was considered that the group … posed an unacceptable risk and threat to the people of New South Wales, and our current purely investigative strategies could not adequately ensure public safety,” Hudson added.