United States Senate Republicans held a press conference on Wednesday during which they condemned the anti-Israel protest encampments on various college campuses across the country.

"We're here to discuss the little Gazas that have risen up on campuses across America, and the liberal college administrators and politicians who refuse to restore law and order and to protect other students. These little Gazas are disgusting cesspools of antisemitic hate, full of Hamas sympathizers, fanatics, and freaks," opened Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR).

Senator Cotton then brought several examples of incidents on campuses including praise for the October 7th attacks and support of Hamas by students.

"The terror sympathizers in these little Gazas aren't peacefully protesting Israel's conduct in the war, they're violently and illegally demanding death for Israel, just like their ideological twins, the ayatollahs in Iran," he added.

Cotton called on mayors, governors, and President Joe Biden to take action to stop the violent protests. "When will the president himself, not his mouthpieces, condemn these hate-filled little Gazas? President Biden needs to denounce Hamas' campus sympathizers, without equivocating Israelis fighting a righteous war of survival," he stated.

According to Cotton, "the State Department needs to yank the visas of the foreign students in these little Gazas, and DHS needs to deport them. The Justice Department should investigate the funding sources behind these little Gazas and the Department of Education needs to withhold funding from colleges that won't protect the civil rights of their Jewish students.

"Instead, Joe Biden is putting pressure on Israel these days than he is on Hamas itself, or on the pro-Hamas chapters on America's campuses," he added.