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Just a few months ago, Moshe Klein was a young father with the world at his fingertips. He had a loving wife and a 2-year-old son. The future looked bright.

Then came the diagnosis. Moshe’s cancer has progressed frighteningly quickly, and he is currently battling for his life in the hospital. In a devastating turn, the standard treatments were not successful.

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Moshe is now receiving specialized treatments from a group of specialist doctors, who are determined to save his life, and return him to his family. Unfortunately, his wife Chavi is unable to afford the treatments. Unless by some miracle she can raise thousands of dollars per week, the treatments will need to stop. Moshe has essentially been sentenced to death.

Chavi has written a heart-wrenching appeal to the public in an attempt to save her husband’s life. If her campaign gets donations, they will be able to continue treatments, and Moshe’s life could be saved. If not, there is no hope.

To save Moshe’s life, for his sake, and for the 2-year-old waiting for him at home, you can donate here for a limited time.