Arrest on the Temple Mount
Arrest on the Temple MountBeyadeinu

Two girls, from the village of Otniel in the Hebron hills, came on Wednesday morning to pray on the Temple Mount. They were detained for questioning after one of them hung an Israeli flag over her shoulders while walking.

A police officer demanded that she remove the flag and upon leaving the Mount detained her at the local police station. The two girls were taken to the police station in handcuffs and then given a hearing before being evicted from the site.

Tom Nisani, one of Israel's most prominent Temple Mount activists and CEO of BeYadeinu, commented, "The Israeli government needs to decide whether the Temple Mount is in our hands or in the hands of the Waqf. The Temple Mount is not ex-territory. It is a national symbol to which millions of Jews have prayed to return to for thousands of years."

Nisani added: "There is no legal or moral reason to arrest Jews who walk with the Israeli flag on the Temple Mount. On Independence Day we will all raise flags on the Temple Mount."