Hostages in Gaza
Hostages in GazaMiriam Alster/Flash90

The proposal for the new hostage deal, to which Hamas has yet to respond, was disclosed on Wednesday morning by Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar.

According to the report, the first phase will last 40 days, during which Israel will withdraw from densely populated areas and stop aircraft activity for 10 hours.

It is also disclosed that female hostages will be released first and simultaneously Israel will clear the coastal route.

As of the 22nd day of the deal, male hostages will also be released and demolished buildings will start being cleared. In addition, the infrastructure of hospitals and bakeries will be renewed.

Regarding the release of terrorists, 20 terrorists will be released in exchange for the release of hostages under the humanitarian category, which includes the wounded, the elderly and mentally challenged.

In exchange for the release of female soldiers, Israel will release 20 terrorists with blood on their hands, who were sentenced to life imprisonment.

The pace of release will be such that hostages will not be released every day, but three hostages will be released once every three days.

In addition, according to the proposal, Israel will allow terrorists to leave Gaza for medical treatment.

As part of the second phase, which will last 42 days, a total ceasefire will be declared in exchange for the release of the remaining live hostages, including soldiers and, in exchange for the release of the hostages, Israel will release additional terrorists.

In the third phase of the deal, bodies of dead hostages will also be released, and the reconstruction of Gaza will commence.