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Physical and verbal violence against Jewish students: A Jewish student at Columbia University filed a lawsuit against the university's heads, claiming that they "failed to provide a safe study environment."

In the lawsuit, which is seeking class action status, the Jewish student, who has remained anonymous, describes an atmosphere of fear and terror on Columbia University's campus and the way that Jewish students have suffered physical and verbal harassment from pro-Palestinians supporters on campus.

The student continued, "Since the protesters set up a solidarity camp for support for Gaza over a week ago, other Jewish students and I feel an increasing risk of harassment, and even physical attacks. The encampment has been a hub of round-the-clock harassment of Jewish students, who have been punched, pushed, and spat on. Jewish students have been blocked from attending classes and moving freely around campus, and they were a target of pro-terrorist hatred – both verbally and in writing on massive posters and signs, which displayed statements such as: ‘Death to the Jews’; ‘Long live Hamas’; ‘Make the intifada global.’”

“These fanatic protesters are not engaged in constitutionally protected freedom of speech. Instead, they openly incite violence against Jewish students,” the lawsuit states. The Jewish student also claims that the decision of Columbia's leaders to introduce a hybrid study system caused harm to the Jewish students who were differentiated from their fellow classmates.

"By implementing a hybrid learning program, Columbia failed to tackle essential safety concerns, and created a stark inequality in the educational experiences of Jewish and non-Jewish students," the lawsuit continues. Columbia's leaders refused to comment on the new indictment, which joins several lawsuits filed by Jewish students against Ivy League schools in the US, that since the outbreak of the war in Gaza have allowed demonstrations and anti-Israel protests to run rampant throughout their campuses.