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Prior to the mandatory viewing of Sheryl Sandberg’s explosive documentary, "Screams before Silence," it is imperative to document some much needed backgrounder. Disinfectant. Indeed, the so-called puzzle pieces that, alas, connect the dots.

There are defining moments in time which cry out to the heavens; defying words — making them a more than Herculean task for those whose expertise requires the ability to properly convey those aforementioned moments. Onerous.

Admittedly, it takes nerves of steel to meet the challenge. As for the horrors at hand, the following must be kept in mind, thus, setting the stage.

– Those possessing a modicum of knowledge of world history know that the Islamic Mufti of Jerusalem (the godfather of arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat; the initiator/creator of suicide bombings as a weapon of war) collaborated with Adolf Hitler to finally rid the world of the “Jewish Problem.”

See: Adolf Hitler, the Decision-Making Process Leading to the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question,” and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al-Hussayni: The Current State of Research

– By dint of common sense and a natural leap into reality, the venom enveloping college campuses across the U.S. and beyond — via terror-laden actions and messaging — bespeaks of this generation’s Hitler’s heirs; as they terrorize Jews in full throttle support of the barbarism inflicted by Hamas and hydra-affiliated offshoots, Sunni and Shia!

See: America’s Academic Cesspool; (Poisoned) Ivies Lead The Way!

– Ipso facto, it makes absolute sense that this author (an acknowledged expert on Islamic Jihad) introduced the term “sexual jihad” for all those willing to open their eyes and ears to the damnable truth, mind you, some of which comes from their own Islamic lips!

See: SEXUAL JIHAD & SLAVE JIHAD:Koranic Mandates Inspired By Muhammad! (2014)

Western Omerta Re SEXUAL JIHAD: School official prevents students from attending book club event with author who survived ISIS sex slavery over concerns it would ‘foster Islamophobia’(2021)

Sheryl Sandberg, second from right, poses with members of United Hatzalah's women
Sheryl Sandberg, second from right, poses with members of United Hatzalah's womenUnited Hatzalah

Sheryl Sandberg’s bonafides at Facebook, a/k/a Meta, as its long-standing Chief Operating Officer (COO) are real. So much so, she is given her due props at this author’s book, “BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad” (Chapter 6, page 97, and elsewhere). As briefly excerpted,

Now the company has embarked on a crusade to eliminate what it views as hate from the entire European continent. (7) The move was announced by Chief Operations Officer Sheryl Sandberg, one of those responsible for the failed effort to ban “bossy” from the English language. (8)

The effort entitled the “Online Civil Courage Initiative”, is allegedly about “combating extremism and hate speech on the Internet.” “This is necessary because right-wing extremism, racism and anti-semitism are present in all walks of life.” ………..

As a result, called Facebook “the world’s most dangerous censor”, comparing it to the East German Stasi and Hitler’s Gestapo. (9) “The future is here: not the one envisaged by Gene Roddenberry, but by George Orwell,” wrote Allum Bokhari. “We all saw this coming,” he added.

By extrapolation, in light of the highly significant position and influence wielded by Sheryl Sandberg vis a vis what went down, for years, at Facebook, one could assert: But for the fact that she aided and abetted in the stifling/censoring of “all things related (and mentioned) re the dangerous underpinnings of Islamic Jihad”, countless would not have been caught by surprise and unprepared.

Moreover, as is written on the book-jacket of Banned, while no one can know for sure what animated her to develop the most pressing documentary of these times, it is not a stretch to cogitate: Could it be a sort of penance for her part in blinding the world to what Islamists are all about, in part having led to the heretofore unspeakable and censored?

WARNING: Prior to viewing, head to a quiet corner. Then, take a deep breath, and, if need be, pour yourself a calming beverage. Pay heed. Note: NOT suitable for young children!!

One more thing: Despite the documented “horrors of all horrors”, the advice within flows from here: Where there is life, there is hope! By extension, soothing one’s soul in a positive way lends much needed mental/emotional/physical strength.
And music always comforts this troubled soul. So, what better music is there at this critical juncture in time than prayers for Israel, that is, performed by the most uplifting musical rendition. (Words here.)