Mahmoud Abbas
Mahmoud AbbasFlash 90

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, the spokesman for Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas, blamed the US for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement that he still intends for the IDF to operate in Rafah to eliminate the last four Hamas battalions in Gaza despite international pressure not to operate in Rafah.

"Had it not been for the biased and immoral American support in favor of the occupation, Netanyahu would not have dared to defy international legitimacy and international law by insisting on completing the aggression and carrying out the continuation of the mass extermination against the Palestinian people," said Abu Rudeineh.

According to him, "the blind American bias in favor of Israel and its defense against punishment and compliance with international legitimacy, proved that the American government has become Netanyahu's partner in his crimes, whose number of victims is thousands of our people, and it (the American government) bears full responsibility for the continuation of the crimes of mass extermination."

Abu Rudeineh noted that "the American government is required to intervene immediately to force the Israeli occupation authorities to stop their crimes, and first and foremost to prevent the Israeli occupation from invading Rafah, as this will have very serious consequences for the entire region and the world."

He added that "the international community must urgently intervene to prevent Israel from continuing its aggression and bring it to justice for the crimes that violated all resolutions of international legitimacy and constitute war crimes for which the leaders of the occupation must be punished."