Mousa Abu Marzook
Mousa Abu MarzookReuters

Mousa Abu Marzook, a member of Hamas' political bureau, denies reports regarding the Hamas leadership leaving Qatar, calling them 'media propaganda with no basis in reality'.

In an interview with the Iranian channel 'Al-Alam', Abu Marzook said that the reports were intended to pressure Hamas in the context of indirect negotiations on a ceasefire and a prisoner exchange (hostages in exchange for security prisoners).

He said that most of the people in Hamas' leadership have Jordanian passports, and if they are forced to leave Qatar, they will move to Jordan, with whom Hamas has good relations and no problem staying in that country.

Abu Marzook claimed that it was the USA that forced Qatar to host the Hamas leadership, and were it not for American pressure, the Hamas leadership would have moved to its natural place in Jordan.

He noted that 'Hamas is taking part in a global war against the USA, other Western countries, and the Zionist entity' and 'We (Hamas) will determine the fate of the war, not the Zionist regime or the USA, who thought they could destroy Hamas in a week and redraw the map of Gaza as they wished.'

He also claimed that Israel and the USA had to come to terms with the fact that Hamas manages the Rafah crossing and failed to create chaos through their mercenaries under the guise of securing humanitarian aid, and now they must coordinate with Hamas, as Hamas is the one that will shape the future.