CNN interviewed Israeli journalist Amit Segal about the current status of the hostages negotiations.

“Hamas has been demanding one thing that Israel cannot give - the end of the war. That is why I am pessimistic about the negotiations - they understand that they will be finished if the war continues for just six more weeks.”

Regarding the possibility of a ground invasion in Rafah, he started: “It is one of the few points of consensus. Hamas has three assets there - the last five battalions, the smuggling tunnels from Egypt, and their senior officers.”

Segal addressed the international considerations at work: “They call for Israel to give up its security for peace. The Saudis want Hamas destroyed, but the promises of peace are always from Washington and London, not from the Emirates.”

He dismissed the accusations against Netanyahu from within Israel: “Netanyahu needs no threats or urging - I don't think he is planning to skip Rafah. His best political move right now is to defeat Hamas. The negative opinions of him are mostly based on his humanitarian concessions - he would be more popular if he were more strict about that.”

Segal addressed the recent videos released proving two additional hostages are alive. “The video was released minutes before the invasion of Rafah. Does Hamas have something to hide there?”

He addressed the issue of how long the war has left to go: “Victory won't happen without Rafah. It's like the COVID-19 crisis - there won't be any specific event, but one day, we'll look at each other and realize it's over.”

Segal related to rumours about ICC warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders. “There is a good chance the warrants will be issued, and that they will be enforceable even during his state visits. We will keep watching this.”