Approximately a thousand people protested yesterday (Saturday) in the city of Hamburg, Germany, against what the organizers called Germany's 'Islamophobic policy'.

During the protest, signs were displayed with inscriptions calling for the replacement of the German government with an Islamic Caliphate. 'The Caliphate is the solution,' was written on some of the signs.

'Germany = a dictatorship of values,' was written on another sign raised during the protest where cries of Allahu Akbar were also heard.

The speakers at the protest claimed that politicians and the German media use 'cheap lies and fearful reporting', according to the protesters, in an attempt to target Muslims against the backdrop of the war in Gaza.

The Ministry for the Protection of the Constitution in Hamburg announced that the body that requested permission for the protest is an organization considered close to a group called 'Interactive' which has previously been marked by national authorities as extremist and therefore under surveillance.