Guy Hochman
Guy HochmanCourtesy

Comedian Guy Hochman, who performed for IDF soldiers during the initial months of the war and contributed to boosting morale, protested against the Cabinet's decision to allow visits to Hamas' elite Nukhba terrorists being held in Israeli prisons.

"Clearly, kill our children, rape our women - in return, you get a state. We don’t deal with Nazis. We exterminate them," Hochman declared.

"Our brothers and sisters are going through rape and sexual assault, starvation and abuse, and do not receive medication. And the devilish Nukhba terrorists, in addition to pampering conditions, will enjoy visits and indulgences."

"There is no limit to stupidity. There isn’t even a strategic element here. Three months ago the Prime Minister asked that Red Cross representatives would visit the hostages. The Cabinet’s current decision is a knife in our backs. Cowards!"